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TYPE Electrical machine
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  • TVED series models use servo motor to control the operation of all parts of the machine, so as to improve the final industrial efficiency. The model with the structure of the scientific nature of the operation of high precision and lasting stability, to the end user to maximize the use of convenience. Its advantages are as follows:

    1. High speed: compared to non motor speed increased by +20%

    2. Energy saving: compared to non motor type energy saving -30%

    3. Environmental protection: (low noise, no pollution in the process of production)

    4. Light weight: the mold adopts cam structure, the force is big and light.

    Products applicable scope: 5ml-5L all kinds of plastic hollow products.

    Product application areas: food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, daily chemical, automobile, tools, toys and other industries.

    Suitable for raw materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PS, ABS, TPU, EVA, PETG and other raw materials for blow molding processing.


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