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ADD: Bingang Industrial Zone, Shamen, Yuhuan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
WEB: www.tonva.cn/
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Adhere to customer service as the center, continuing to provide customers with a one-stop service beyond the expectations of the customer service, guest house forever partners, which we have been insisting and advocate the concept of service. We stand in the customer's position, pay attention to the customer's opinion, and constantly improve our service system and related processes, to maximize the satisfaction of customer needs. Our five service standards:
  1、Customer is always the first.
  2、Customer satisfaction is the standard of our work.
  3、Courtesy, wholeheartedly.
  4、Real price, quality first.
  5、Full cooperation, to ensure rapid. Our "Five" service standards:
  6、Sincerely treat customers -- a matter of conscience.
  7、Close - standing customer perspective, heart to heart.
  8、Careful - careful, do not leave out a problem, do not let go of a detail.
  9、Patient: remain patient in the service process, do not bother to answer questions, 100 not tire.
  10、Rest assured that the service results so that customers can rest assured.
    After-sale service
  1. Debugging and installation
  Before delivery, we are responsible for the commissioning of the machine, by the user in our factory testing and acceptance, to meet the requirements of the product quality before shipment.
  2. User training
If the user needs, we are responsible for sending technical personnel to the user to install and debug and training, the cost of our own burden.
  3. Defects Liability Period
  Machine under normal production and maintenance, the main components such as motor, screw, gear box, computer, inverter in one year, there is a failure, we are responsible for two days to reach the replacement.