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Single Station 10L-50L

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  • 1.This series is applicable for PE/PP/PS/PC raw material,and capacity between 10L and 50L.It is widely used in plastic barrel,tool boxes,hollow desk board,chairs,auto parts and other large and medium-size plasti hollow products.
    2.Adopts two pull-rod type closing-mold device by rack and pinion system.the large setting platen is suitable for various sizes of molds.
    3.Adopts accumulator die head,with high quality nitrogen treatment and hardness of surface,resulting smooth flow and quick parison ejection.
    4.Based on products,equip with 30 points or 100 points standard parison controller,to control the thickness of parison precisely.

  • CategoryItemUnitTechnical Parameter
    Basic Specification Raw material/PE etc.
    Container Capacity MaxL203050
    Machine Dimensionm3.5×2.4×3.34.2×2.6×3.44.9×3.4×3.6
    Total Weightkg7200950011800
    Extrusion systemDiameter of screwmm708090
    Screw L/D ratioL/D28:130:130:1
    Screw rotating speedr/min10-8510-8510-85
    Plasticzing capacitykg/h8095110
    Drive motorKw152230
    Heating powerKw182023
    Die headDie head material--38CRMOALA38CRMOALA38CRMOALA
    Accumulator volumeL3.75.48
    Accumulator capacitykg2.846
    Heating powerKw81012
    Clamping systemPlaten size(WxH)mm700×850800×950900×1050
    Clamping rangemm300-800350-900400-1050
    Clamping forcekn200250300
    Power consumptionServo pump powerKw111115
    Total PowerKw526380
    Average power ConsumptionKw/h222635
    Air consumptionm3/min0.60.60.6
    Water consumptionm3/h1.21.51.5