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Single Station 5ml-5L

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  • 1.TVHD series Double station machine is adopted pure hydraulic system.With compact structure,running stable and easy to control.
    2.Products size range:suitable for 5ml to 5L all kinds of hollow products.
    3.Application range:can be used as packing for food,medical,oil,medical,oil,chemical,cosmetic,autoparts,tools and toys etc.
    4.Suitable for aw materials of PE,PP,PA,PC,PS,ABS,TPU,EVA,PETG etc.
    5.Pure hydraulic system:Optimized hydraulic oil loop design gains a stable,fast,power saving property.
    6.All parts adopts international famous brand,easy for installation and matainence.

  • CategoryItemUnit
    Technical Parameter
    Basic Specification Raw material/
    PE/PP/PA/PVC etc.
    Dimension m 2.4×1.2×1.82.6×1.6×1.83.9×1.8×1.83.1×2.0×1.9
    Total Weight kg 2500310042006700
    Extrusion systemDiameter of screwmm50556580
    Screw L/D ratioL/D25:125:125:125:1
    Plasticizing capacitykg/h45557095
    Number of heating zonespcs4456
    Extruder heating powerkW671520
    Extruder drive powerkW5.57.51522
    Die headNumber of heating zonepcs2223
    Heating powerkW3348
    Clamping systemClamping rangemm110-130150-200200-250250-300
    Sliding Distancemm300360-400400-450450-500
    Clamping forcekN406080100
    Power consumptionAir pressureMpa0.
    Air consumptionm3/min0.
    Cooling water pressureMpa0.
    Cooling water consumptionm3/h0.
    Oil pump powerkW5.55.57.511
    Oil pump capalityml/r33334759
    Total PowerkW202341.561
    Average power ConsumptionkW8.5101725