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At the beginning of the construction of the enterprise culture, the construction of the enterprise culture and the construction of the management environment;
In the process of constantly shaping the personality of the enterprise spirit, pay attention to the continuous improvement of the ideological level of the staff, the extraordinary discovery of ideas and creativity, foster mutual trust, mutual motivation, open the ideological work style;
Full respect for their ideas, which have different cultural background, the knowledge structure of the ideology of the exchange and collision, stimulate the correct outlook on life and methodology, the formation of "ideological unity, coordination tacit understanding work situation;
The enterprise staff to fully mobilize the creative potential of each employee's skills and ability to complement each other, to construct a relatively complete, three-dimensional, effective organization system, and enterprise culture throughout the business model, business direction and means of management, market development, product development, advertising planning, the use of talents, external cooperation the distribution of benefits, etc., and strive to create a sustainable and stable development of enterprises growth environment and the humanities environment.